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Why I Play Golf

Leamon Vault II
November 1976

When it co
mes to the game of golf, I wasn't one that knew about this game, no sir - I grew up on football, basketball, and track. I learned later in life how golf chooses you - you don’t choose golf. Either way I learned sports by repetitions, the art of doing something over and over again until you learned how to do that better and better. Golf choose me at 28 years old and I've been chasing that dream ever since. My lowest round was a "59" at a par 69 course of 6400 yards, yeah but it was still "59", ok. I have "1" hole-in-one. My Father is why I play golf.

It was a Saturday afternoon when I received a call from my brother-in-law telling me I'd better hurry up and get out here, your father is not doing well. This was so unexpected. I had just asked my mother on the phone if I should drive up the evening before and she said, “no it’s not that big of a deal son, don't worry.”

I arrived at the hospital that evening after a 2 ½ hour drive.  I saw no one, a nurse asked me if I was my father’s son? “Yes” I said, “Why?” She hugged me and told me my Dad had passed away. The nurse consoled me, as I wept, and later asked if I wanted to see him. She opened a door and there he was, I thought for a moment he was just sleeping but deep down inside, I knew better. Why? He was young, only 46, a father of four, and a beloved husband.  I leaned over and kissed my father a final good-bye.

Two weeks later, my mother called me telling me to come to the house; she needed to speak with me. My mother said, “Dad wanted you to do something with these.” She handed me the golf clubs. My father left his prized golf clubs for me.  I was stunned. “Do what,” I asked? This was the first time I had ever seen a set of golf clubs!

This is the last picture of my father Leamon standing in front of his trophies. I didn't understand his competitive spirit and drive back then in the 1960’s & 1970’s. I truly understand it now. My father was a pioneer who inspired me to play this goofy game a long time ago. Now  3 ½ decades later, I have my own trophies. I dedicated each and every one of them to his memory. My beloved father helped me when I won, and he helped me even more when I didn’t.

My father had open heart surgery in 1963, ironically, I had open heart in 2005. What did I learn most from my father besides golf? I learned how to live life to its fullest, to never quit, keep pressing on through the storms, and savor each and every victory. This journey has been awesome, challenging, enlightening, even enchanting at times. The game of golf made it all the sweeter, and every time I hit the ball it was another learning experience.

Thank you father, Leamon Vault II, for the skills you taught me. Thank you to my mother, Eunice, who gave me his clubs, which ignited a fire and a passion in me called: GOLF!

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