B-Man in the Yard 
If you are just starting golf or a beginner,  
Vol #1 & Vol #2 is your opportunity to learn how. 
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Just Listen & Do

New Release Vol#2

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Play like a Pro !




#1 Stance 
#2 Grip 
#3 Posture 
#4 Balance 

  #5 Club Face 
  #6 Arm Hanging 
  #7 Arm Tension 
  #8 Whoosh-Whoosh 

Improve Immediately!

Increase Skills!

Step by Step !


Reggie: B-Mans method got me into single digits quickly. I'm playing the best golf of my life now. I recommend all golfers try him.  Palm Harbor Fl.

Vince:   My wife has never broken a 100, B-Mans method now has me in her sights, she shoots low 90's, staring the 80's right in the eye.  Safety Harbor Fl

David:   I was skeptical at first, a week later, balls where going straighter & longer. I shot 10 strokes lower. B-Mans method work period.  Clearwater  Fl

Scott:  I used to never hit my driver. B-Mans method got me to hit it over 250 yds & straight, its like magic. Tampa Bay  Fl

Joe:  B-Mans method gave me confidence, & without that, its impossible to play this game. I simply cannot thank him enough!  Tampa Bay  Fl

Lacey:  B-Mans method kept me sharp on my game. I've now learned how to be consistent and mostly mistake free. Thank you B-Man.  Los Angeles  Ca.

Ron:  B-Mans method taught me more in a half hour than 10 years of lessons I'd taken over the years. Los Angeles Ca.

John:  Before B-Mans method I was all over the place. I was a serious military golfer, left right left right, now I hit over 80% of fairways. Tampa Bay  Fl

Danny:  B-Mans Chipping method made me a believer after he chipped in back to back holes with me. I've never seen anything like that.  Ft Worth TX.

Lorenzo: No one has ever taught me golf. I learned by watching, now my drives are 90% better, chipping 90%, B-Mans method do work.  Tampa Bay  Fl

Anna:  Several people have tried teaching me golf, I gave up 5 times. After applying B-Mans method, I can't wait to practice and play daily.  Tampa Bay  Fl

Dustin:   For years I took expensive lessons, from Golf Pros. By far B-Mans method were the best I've ever experienced, & a good deal.  New York City  N.Y.

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